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Movie Ticket Radio (TM) is available for YOUR Broadcast Outlet Contact Us today and we'll create your custom starter package complete with:

Full Consulting, Custom Station ID's, Imaging and HOSTED by Hall of Fame Broadcaster
JOHN RECORDS LANDECKER! Optional Voice Track Programming with Award Winning talent also available.

True Mass-Appeal Classic Hits yet, so unique it is not directly competitive with co-owned formats. 

Don't let your "sleeper" radio station waste any more of your time or money.  Be a Movie Ticket Radio station and watch the revenue ramp up with Market Exclusivity.  Program something viable and DIFFERENT on your HD.

Potential sponsors include NetflixX, Hulu, TBS, TCM, AMC, FXM, On-Demand Cable, local cinemas, soda and popcorn brands...candy confection companies, restaurants, home theater stores, Internet providers and much more.  There is no limit to sales and promotional possibilities!

Fun Movie facts will have your listeners, Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking. Core listeners will be glued to your station and connecting all their friends. Create games for bonus prizes, surprises and multipliers.   Offer Sneak Previews for for Movie Ticket Radio listeners and players!

We're logging long AQH listening times with compelling, content-rich programming.

Focus groups showed listeners actually "playing along" as they try to identify in what MOVIE the HITS were heard.


Custom dedicated Internet streams also available for THEATRES and other businesses.

It's SHOWTIME!  Be the new sensation station in your market with
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